Sales is the most important function of each business yet for many companies sales is a black box. Not knowing what’s happening inside makes it difficult for them to identify and solve problems and increase revenue and profit.


Sales is a Black Box

Every company feeds leads into their sales funnel and gets orders out but when your Sales team misses their target and you, as a Managing or Finance Director, ask them them WHY, the answer is often vague, based on anecdotal evidence or even made up. Frustrating? How can you solve a problem you can’t see?


Unpredictability of Sales

Low sales are certainly one of the pains business leaders experience but sometimes it’s the unpredictability of sales that causes the most stress. Living in a constant uncertainty whether targets will be hit, missed or exceeded (which can lead to a whole new set of problems) is exhausting. Will you be able to deliver on commitments to your investors, creditors, clients, suppliers and employees?


Marketing spend that doesn’t deliver ROI

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker
Today’s breadth of available marketing channels is overwhelming. How many of them do you use? Which ones are working best for you and where are you just throwing money down the drain?


War between Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing departments, especially in bigger companies, are often disconnected. Instead of working together towards the same goal (more sales) they fight against each other. Sales blaming marketing for not providing quality leads and marketing complaining that sales don’t follow up on their leads. Truth is always somewhere in the middle and it’s the lack of transparency that prevents companies to maximise their potential.


Are you feeling uncertain your sales team will hit their target?

Have they missed their target and you can’t find out why? What’s missing in your company so you can feel strongly confident about your future revenue? Find out why by using our Sales Diagnostics Tool.

We call is Sales MOT as we believe that just like you get your car checked regularly to confirm it’s fit for the road, you should do the same with your Sales and Marketing – the engine of your company.

Sales MOT is a series of questions that will only take you around 10 minutes to answer but which can have a profound impact on your business. After submitting your answers you will receive an email with a pdf with your Sales MOT score, a score for each of the five key areas of Sales operations and you will also get the top three priorities to focus on to improve your situation.