Sales MOT Diagnostics

Sales is a black box

Most companies treat their sales as a black box. They feed money in (in form of marketing spend) and they get orders out, but few know what happens inside.

What are the consequences of this lack of clarity?

  • Uncertainty
  • Stress
  • Missed sales targets
  • High pressure
  • Low profits
  • Blame war between sales and marketing
  • Feeling out of control

For a company to have clarity and certainty about their sales they need to handle five key areas: Sales Process, Insights, Data, Systems and Culture. But which one do you need to improve in your business?

We have created an online Sales MOT Diagnostic tool that evaluates how well your company is doing in each of these areas so you can find out exactly how you, too, can improve your clarity and certainty.

It only takes around ten minutes to fill in and you will receive a report with an overall Sales MOT score, score for each of the five areas and also the top three priorities to focus on in order to improve your sales confidence the most.

We call it MOT as we believe that just like you get your car checked regularly to confirm it’s fit for the road, you should do the same with your Sales and Marketing – the engine of your company.

Take your Sales MOT Diagnostics now.

After you have taken the Diagnostics, we offer an optional complimentary consultation to review your findings with you, so you get a specific plan of action to improve the visibility into your sales engine.

Whether you will decide to implement the plan yourself or invite us to assist you, we are committed to help you get full control over your sales.